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HLA antibodies LCT

SeraScreen - some things should never change!
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BAG Diagnostics - our HLA antibodies LCT products

HLA antibody diagnostics

SeraScreen - the tried and tested standard

The microlymphocyte toxicity test (MLCT) is a procedure which has been used for many years in HLA antibody diagnostics. Herein, anti-HLA antibodies from the patient's serum (if available) react with the corresponding membrane bound antigens of the human lymphocytes which are fixed on the microtest plate.

Determining HLA antibodies is required in the preparation and progress monitoring of solid organ transplants. HLA class I antibodies can also influence the progression of thrombocyte transfusions.

Our SeraScreen microtest plates contain ready to use pre-dripped peripheral lymphocytes from various donors to detect HLA antibodies. The plates are supplied with rabbit complement.

Your advantages
  • reliable antibody diagnostic for preparation and clinical monitoring of solid organ transplantation
  • simple detection of HLA antibodies without inconvenient handling steps such as pre-warming trays and wash solutions, aspiration of wash solution and adding of mineral oil
  • ready to use micro test trays with pre-dropped peripheral lymphocytes from different donors (incl. rabbit complement)
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