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HLA antibodies LCT
SeraScreen Abs

The detection of HLA antibodies is necessary in the preparation and follow-up of solid organ transplants. Furthermore, HLA class I antibodies can influence the course of platelet transfusions. Our SeraScreen Abs microtest plates contain ready-to-use pre-dropped peripheral lymphocytes from different donors for the detection of HLA antibodies. The plates are supplied with rabbit complement.

  • simple and reliable
  • ready-to-use micro test trays
  • with pre-dried peripheral lymphocytes from different donors (incl. rabbit complement)
uncomplicated and reliable
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  • SeraScreen Abs
    incl. rabbit complement
  • 6 panels à 1 tests
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    SeraScreen - the proven standard test

    The microlymphocytotoxicity test (MLCT) is a method used for many years in HLA antibody diagnostics for the preparation and clinical monitoring of solid organ transplantation. In this test, anti-HLA antibodies from the patient's serum (if available) react with the corresponding membrane-bound antigens of human lymphocytes fixed on the microtest plate.

    A color label (e.g., eosin) or fluorescent dye will be used to visualize the resulting lymphocyte lysis in lymphoscreen tests. Lysed and non-lysed lymphocytes are evaluated using either an inverted phase contrast or UV microscope.

    Thanks to our ready-to-use SeraScreen Abs microassay plates with pre-dried peripheral lymphocytes from different donors, you type HLA antibodies extremely easily and reliably.

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    • safe and proven technology
    • ready-to-use micro test plates with pre-dried peripheral lymphocytes from different donors (incl. rabbit complement)
    Dr. Kristin Launhardt
    Head of Product Management
    Product Manager HLA Diagnostics
    +49 6404 925-223
    Kristin Launhardt, Head of Product Management
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    In transplantation diagnostics, SeraScreen Abs has established for many years as an easy-to-use standard test for reliable HLA antibody detection.

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