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There are things that simply cannot be improved. HISTO TRAY - the reliable and cost-efficient test kits for HLA typing. With pre-dried anti-HLA sera from various donors incl. rabbit complement for rapid typing results.

  • Fast: immediately ready-to-use micro test plates
  • Efficient: lean workflow
  • Safe: proven microlymphocytotoxicity test (MLCT) with unambiguous results
Established and effective
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  • HISTO TRAY AB 120 (5)
    (incl. 5 × 1 ml rabbit complement) for typing one specimen with two trays
  • 5x2 panels
  • 7042
  • CE - Sign
  • HISTO TRAY ABC 120 (5)
    (incl. 5 × 1 ml rabbit complement) for typing one specimen with two trays
  • 5x2 panels
  • 7013
  • CE - Sign
  • HISTO TRAY ABC 144 (5)
    (incl. 5 × 1 ml rabbit complement) for typing one specimen with two trays
  • 5x2 panels
  • 7035
  • CE - Sign
  • HISTO TRAY ABC 72 (10)
    (incl. 5 × 1 ml rabbit complement) for typing one specimen per tray
  • 10 panels
  • 7022
  • CE - Sign
  • Product
  • Bundle
  • REF
  • Certification
  • Compatibility
  • Anti-HLA Negative Control RUO
    liquid frozen
  • 2 ml
  • 61101
  • Anti-HLA Positiv Control RUO
    liquid frozen
  • 2 ml
  • 61100
  • Rabbit complement RUO
  • 10 x 1 ml
  • 7019
  • RPMI 1640
    Cell culture medium
  • 1 x 250 ml
  • 70126
  • Instructions for Use
    HISTO PREP V3/2019 113.22 KB2022-09-20
    RPMI V3/2019 157.34 KB2022-09-20
    Rabbit Complement V4/2020 90.40 KB2021-12-13
    HISTO TRAY V7/2020 177.85 KB2021-12-13
    RPMI V3/2019 158.39 KB2022-09-20
    HISTO TRAY V7/2020 179.59 KB2021-12-13
    HISTO PREP V3/2019 162.98 KB2022-09-20
    Rabbit Complement V4/2020 91.37 KB2021-12-13
    TERASAKI Park MEDIUM V4/2022 246.21 KB2022-09-20
    TERASAKI Park MEDIUM V4/2022 249.97 KB2022-09-20

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    Proven method for HLA typing

    HISTO TRAY is the ideal, cost-effective kit for rapid exclusion of null alleles. The micro test trays are ready to use with pre-dropped antisera and controls for typing HLA-ABC. Thanks to ready-to-use typing trays (incl. rabbit complement), the MLCT is a simple diagnostic method.

    The lean microlymphocytotoxicity test (MLCT)

    The HISTO TRAY test trays are based on the microlymphocyte toxicity test (MLCT). In this test, anti-HLA sera react with corresponding, membrane bound antigens of human lymphocytes. The addition of rabbit complement leads to structural changes of the cell membrane, so that an indicator dye can penetrate the lymphocytes and tint them (positive reaction).

    If an antigen-antibody reaction does not occur, the cell membrane remains intact. The cells are unable to absorb the dye (negative reaction). A simple, streamlined workflow that simply convinces.

    Icon Benefit Box
    • safe, reliable and proven test to exclude null alleles
    • ready-to-use – microtest plates with pre-dropped anti-HLA sera (rabbit complement)
    • cost-efficient thanks to rapid results
    Benedikt Hampen
    Product Manager
    HLA Diagnostics & Infectiology
    +49 6404 925-412
    +49 1517 2833148
    Benedikt Hampen, Product Manager
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    The HISTO TRAY HLA kits are convincing as a proven typing solution! Simple, safe handling, fast results thanks to ready-to-use trays.

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