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HLA real-time PCR typing

HISTO TYPE Rainbow - the innovative way of HLA-Typing!
all 11 Loci in one 96 well plate

BAG Diagnostics - our HLA Real-time PCR typing range

HLA Real-time PCR typing


HISTO TYPE Rainbow is our solution for an easy and fast HLA-typing with low and med high resolution.

  • efficient: all 11 loci typed on one 96 well plate
  • fast: reduce the time and get the result in less than 80 minutes
  • convenient: user friendly automated interpretation with our PlexTyper software

The fast and easy workflow of the real-time PCR system delivers reliable and reproducible results for your laboratory. Thanks to the multiplexing with five different fluorophores the kit combines all 11 Loci. The CWD allele group level and common Null alleles are differentiated.

For safe handling the system works gel-free. You no longer need cost-intensive and environmentally harmful disposal of toxicological residues.

In order to be able to interpret the results easily and safely, we have developed our PlexTyper software especially for your laboratory environment. You take the raw data from the real-time cycler and the results are evaluated automatically. The software offers you a fast and intuitive interpretation tools for your Evaluation.

Your advantages
  • Get the results in less than 80 minutes
  • Easy pipetting - 11 Loci in one 96 well plate
  • 5 Channel HLA Multiplex Typing
  • perfect soluation for your HLA typing
  • fully automated complete solution for real-time PCR typing
  • User-friendly evaluation - PlexTyper Software
  • Convenient handling - no toxic waste

96 well plate

Real-time cycler with five different channels

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The way it works
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