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Our expertise for your lean real-time PCR: HISTO TYPE Rainbow is THE solution for your simple and fast HLA typing with low to medium resolution. Thanks to our optimised multiplexing, you can type all 11 HLA genes relevant for transplantation together on one 96well PCR plate - convenient and environmentally friendly without gels and toxic waste.

  • Efficient: 11 HLA genes compressed in one 96well PCR plate - no need for 384well plates
  • Fast: reduce the time to your result to 80 minutes
  • Easy: our user-friendly PlexTyper® software recognizes PCR artefacts and interprets the data automatically

Of course, the kits are subject to CE marking according to IVD Directive 98/79/EC and will be transferred to Regulation (EU) 2017/746 within the timelines. We meet your quality and safety requirements with seamless quality assurance according to ISO 13485.

All the colours in one tube
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  • HISTO TYPE Rainbow
    for the use with validated CFX Real-Time PCR Detection Systems (Bio-Rad)
  • 10 tests
  • 728220
  • CE - Sign
  • Cycler Compatibility Check
    Cycler Compatibility Check
  • HISTO TYPE Rainbow LC 480
    for use with the LightCycler® 480 II
  • 10 Tests
  • 728222
  • CE - Sign
  • Cycler Compatibility Check
    Cycler Compatibility Check
  • HISTO TYPE Rainbow QS6
    for the use with the QuantStudio™ 6 Flex System
  • 10 Tests
  • 728221
  • CE - Sign
  • Cycler Compatibility Check
    Cycler Compatibility Check
  • Our ready-to-use PlexMix and PCR plates with pre-dried primers and probes save you valuable time. The real-time technology works without gels and ensures safe handling for your laboratory team together with a simple workflow. In addition, there is no need for cost-intensive and environmentally harmful disposal of toxic residues.

    The five colour channels used are adapted to the respective validated real-time cyclers. We have developed test kits for the QuantStudio 6 (Thermo Fisher Scientific), the CFX 96TM / CFX Opus 96 (Bio-Rad) and the LightCycler® 480 II (Roche).

    The evaluation is done via the BAG PlexTyper® software.

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  • REF
  • Certification
  • Compatibility
  • PlexTyper® Software
  • 1 licence
  • 728299
  • CE - Sign
  • qPCR Seal
  • 10 pieces
  • 728297
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    Simple and secure typing thanks to multiplexing

    Thanks to the multiplexing technique with five different colour channels, all alleles are detected, with few exceptions. Differentiate CWD allele groups and common null alleles quickly and easily with our kit. The specificity of the reaction is determined by both primer and probe sequences. This increases resolution and reduces false positive reactions - for more safety in transplantation diagnostics.
    Each of the 96 wells contains 1 internal amplification control and up to 4 allele group specific reactions in 4 different channels . This increases the capacity to 384 HLA-specific reactions.

    The simple workflow provides you with reliable and reproducible typing results. To enable you to interpret these easily and safely, we have developed our PlexTyper® software especially for your laboratory environment. Here, the raw data from the real-time cycler are automatically evaluated. The software offers you fast and intuitive interpretation tools for your evaluation.

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    • Get your result in less than 80 minutes
    • Easy pipetting - no need for 384 plates in the future
    • Complete solution for your HLA typing - multiplexing with 5 colour channels
    • Simple, user-friendly evaluation - PlexTyper® software included
    • Safe handling without toxic waste
    Dr. Kristin Launhardt
    Head of Product Management
    Product Manager HLA Diagnostics
    +49 6404 925-223
    Kristin Launhardt, Head of Product Management
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    This complete gel-free system allows you to type all 11 relevant HLA genes together on one 96 PCR plate. The results are available to you in less than 80 minutes. You can evaluate them quickly and easily with our user-friendly PlexTyper Software.

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    Matched hardware in a bundle of advantages

    Perfect typing results are provided by the combination of our HISTO TYPE RAINBOW real-time PCR kits and Bio-Rad's powerful amplification systems. In this way, you achieve the highest level of safety with maximum speed and real usability. Separate, time-consuming calibration and colour compensation is not required with Bio-Rad systems.

    And the best thing: you get the complete test system (test kits and CFX PCR Cycler) from us, perfectly matched to each other - all from one hand and at exciting conditions. Individual instruction and initial installation are of course included.

    Funding programme

    The development project for HISTO TYPE Rainbow was funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy as part of the "Central Innovation Programm for SMEs" (ZIM).

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