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Human genetics

To correctly diagnose and treat disease risks with a genetic background we make our contribution with an extensive range for your HLA typing. Let's create a basis for a targeted therapy together!

BAG Diagnostics - Human Genetics

Human Genetics

Coeliac Disease

Celiac disease is an autoimmune reaction triggered by gluten which is an ingredient of different cereals. If not diagnosed early this leads to chronic inflammation and destruction of the small intestine. Celiac disease is strongly associated with the DQA1*05:01- DQB1*02:01 and DQA1*03-DQB1*03:02 haplotype. Additionally, DR3, DR7 and DR11 alleles can be used as genetic markers.

For celiac disease diagnostics we offer a HISTO TYPE SSP kit an a HISTO SPOT SSO kit.

70941 HISTO TYPE Celiac Disease
inkl. 1x Happy Taq Polymerase, 23 PCR Mixe + Kontaminationskontrolle
20 Tests
726071 HISTO SPOT Coeliac Disease
SSO Test
48 Tests

Morbus Bechterew et al.

There is a strong association between HLA-B27 and a group of seronegative arthritic diseases like Morbus Bechterew or Morbus Reiter. Determination of HLA-B27 is an important tool in the diagnosis of these diseases.

For HLA-B27 diagnostic we offer serological tests, a classical HISTO TYPE SSP kit and a real-time PCR kit.

7070 HISTO TYPE B27 low
inkl. 1x Happy Taq Polymerase, 1 PCR Mix
48 Tests
7071 HISTO TYPE B27 low
inkl. 1x Happy Taq Polymerase, 1 PCR Mix
96 Tests
7006 HISTO TRAY B27 (10)
Serologischer Test
10 Platten
7004 HISTO TRAY B27 (10) forte
Serologischer Test
10 Tests
728200 HISTO TYPE B*27 Q
Realtime PCR Kit zur Bestimmung von HLA-B*27
96 Tests

Abacavir / Morbus Behcet

Treatment with antiretroviral drugs containing the active substance Abacavir (mainly in HIV therapy) is only allowed when the existence of HLA-B*5701 is excluded by molecular genetic methods, since otherwise it is possible that a hypersensitivity reaction against Abacavir may occur.

Behcet’s disease is a chronic vasculitis characterized by recurrent oral ulcers, genital ulcers, ocular and skin involvement, and other multisystemic features. Despite a worldwide distribute Behcet’s disease clusters in an area from eastern Asia to the Mediterranean basin. HLA B*51 is a strong risk factor for the disease and can be used as a diagnostic tool.

We offer the HISTO TYPE B*57:01 / B*51 kit for determination of the associated alleles.

70715 HISTO TYPE B*57:01 / B51
inkl. 1x Happy Taq Polymerase, 7 Mixe + Kontaminationskontrolle
20 Tests

Abacavir / Narkolepsie

Narcolepsy belongs to a groups of sleeping disorders (Dyssomnias) with symptoms like daytime somnolence, sleep paralysis and hallucinations. 98 % of the caucasian patients with narcolepsy have the DRB1*15:01 – DQA1*01:02 – DQB1*06:02 haplotype. Therefore, HLA typing is helpful to confirm or exclude a diagnosis.

For the diagnosis of narcolepsy we offer a HISTO TYPE SSP kit.

70716 HISTO TYPE Narcolepsy
inkl. 1x Happy Taq Polymerase, 8 PCR Mixe + Kontaminationskontrolle
20 Tests
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