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Transfusion Diagnostics

Pinpoint and fast - Precision blood group typing with real-time PCR

Transfusion Diagnostics

Type your blood donors - Automated high troughput blood group SSO typing

Transfusion Diagnostics

Rubust and agile - Molecular blood group SSP typing

Transfusion Diagnostics

The essential basis of transfusion - Prouven blood group serology

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Molecular Blood Group Diagnostics

Serological methods reach their limits when it comes to the determination of rare blood group characteristics. Therefore, it is difficult to identify blood donors with rare blood types who are needed for patients with pre-formed antibodies.

Molecular blood group typing enables a safe on-demand supply of blood preservations for patients with antibodies against clinical relevant, weak or rare blood group antigens.

The molecular determination of rare antigens can be applied on-demand and to pre-typing of blood donors. Pre-typing of blood donors has the advantages to increase the patient´s safety and to reduce your effort and your costs.

In addition, due to its molecular based technology it makes you independent of antisera for rare antigens which are often difficult to obtain and suboptimal in quality.

Weak D-TYPE 1-2-3 Q

Fast and gel-free weak D determination

Weak D-TYPE 1-2-3 Q is well suited for the second assay of serologically discrete or doubtful Rhesus D antigen determinations with suspected weak D. The PCR Kit convinces as real-time test with easy handling and determines Weak D Type 1, 2, 3 with exclusion of Weak D Type 1.1 in only one PCR mix. With three fluorescent dyes, all alleles can be detected in one step.

Due to the liquid format, the kit is extremely flexible, as it is compatible with most available real-time cyclers. Dilution of the DNAs is not necessary because valid results can be achieved in a wide range of DNA concentrations.


Increase safety in blood group diagnostics

The determination of clinical relevant, weak or rare variants of blood group systems on a molecular genetic basis gives you a higher safety in the diagnosis of blood donors, recipients, patients and pregnant women. BAG offers easy-to-use test kits in a modular concept that enables an effective handling of all your requirements. 


Convenient and reliable blood group typing with ERY SPOT SSO

BAG Diagnostics, since many years your partner in the blood transfusion field, presents a new automated molecular blood group typing: the ERY SPOT® SSO SYSTEM.

Patients recently transfused, whose red blood cell antigens are difficult to type, and transfusion dependent patients, who constantly risk immunization, can benefit from an automatic, fast and safe molecular blood group typing.
Molecular blood group typing gives an accurate answer by targeting directly the alleles that code for the RBC antigens and makes you independent of the difficult to obtain and suboptimal antisera.

Furthermore the high flexibility of the ERY SPOT® SYSTEM, which allows you to analyze from 1 to 96 samples at the time, makes the system perfect for on-demand as well as for high throughput donor typing. Pre-typing of blood donors gives you the possibility to detect rare blood group systems and ensures optimized and convenient care for your patients.

Determine characteristics of blood groups

Definite determination of attributes of the blood group systems is of decisive importance in avoiding events due to administering the wrong blood preserves or immunisations. BAG Diagnostics GmbH has manufactured high quality liquid reagents for blood group testing since more than fifty years. The wide product range comprises monoclonal antibodies and polyclonal, Coombs-reactive antisera

Blutgruppen Seren

BAG offers you a wide range of polyclonal and monoclonal test reagents. In particular, the use of monoclonal antibodies for the determination of erythrocytic antigens has increased in importance and in some areas has replaced polyclonal reagents of human origin.

Test sera and test reagents human and/or monoclonal for:

  • ABO blood group sera
  • RH sera
  • Rare blood group sera
  • Anti-human globulin (Coombs)
  • Supplements, enzymes, additional reagents
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