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HLA antibodies single antigen

HISTO SPOT® HLA AB -  fully automated Monitoring of HLA antibodies!
cost-effective and reliable

BAG Diagnostics - our HLA antibodies single antigen

HLA antibody diagnostics with single antigens

Das HISTO SPOT® HLA AB System - fully automated and reliable

The HISTO SPOT® HLA AB system is an in vitro diagnostic test for identification of HLA antibodies on a multiplex immunodiagnostic basis and provides high resolution antibody (AB) identification results. It consists of:

    contain test wells with immobilized HLA Class I or Class II antigens for the detection of specific anti-HLA antibodies and controls
  • HISTO SPOT® AB reagent kit
    contains the reagents required for incubation and detection of bound antibodies and can be used in combination with all HISTO SPOT® HLA AB kits
  • MR.SPOT® processor
     is specifically designed to be used with the HISTO SPOT® kits in order to process between 1 and 96 samples, automating the process from incubation, detection through to result interpretation
  • HISTO MATCH software
    simple and reliable screening and/or identification of HLA antibodies to interpret the results


Your advantages
  • broad panel of HLA antigens in one microtiter well:
    > 96 recombinant single antigens for HLA class I 
    > 60 recombinant single antigens for HLA class II
  • miniaturized assay with minimal sample volumes (5-10μl serum)
  • fully automated on the MR.SPOT® processor with a flexible throughput (1-96 samples)
  • easy and reproducible - user is guided by the system

HLA Class I or II specific antibody kits

AB Reagent Kit for MR.SPOT

The way it works
Evaluation platform and software
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