HLA antibody diagnostics

An automated and reliable test to identify and monitor HLA antibodies? HISTO SPOT® HLA AB is your system for pre- and post-transplantation. Because the detection of HLA antibodies is required in the preparation and follow-up of solid organ transplantation. It consists of the test kits, the MR.SPOT® Processor and the HLA AB module of the HISTO MATCH interpretation software. Thanks to the combination of these components, you will experience a high level of automation and a simplified workflow. Using a microarray with recombinant allele-specific proteins provides high-resolution results.

  • Convenient: fully automated workflow without manual intervention
  • Efficient: miniaturised ELISA assay with minimal sample volume (2-10 µl serum)
  • Precise: direct identification of HLA antibodies, thanks to recombinant single antigens for HLA class I and HLA class II.
  • Flexible: sample throughput of 1-96 samples

Automated monitoring
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  • HISTO SPOT® AB Reagent Kit
  • 96 Tests
  • 728198
  • CE - Sign
  • 48 Tests
  • 728100
  • CE - Sign
  • 48 Tests
  • 728101
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  • HISTO SPOT® HLA AB Screen/ ID Class I
  • 480 Tests
  • 728102
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  • HISTO SPOT® HLA AB Screen/ ID Class II
  • 480 Tests
  • 728103
  • CE - Sign
    Reagent for treatment of unspecific sera
  • 2 ml
  • 728197
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    HISTO SPOT® HLA AB system

    Combine the specificity of a multiplexed immunodiagnostic microarray with the advantages of the highly automated MR.SPOT® platform. The HLA antibody detection provides high-resolution results.

    The multiplex array consists of a panel of recombinant single HLA antigens covering all clinically relevant serological specificities. The MR.SPOT® Processor offers all the convenience of a fully automated pipetting platform.

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    • direct identification of HLA antibodies - recombinant single antigens for HLA class I and HLA class II.
    • miniaturised ELISA assay with minimal sample volume (2-10 µl serum)
    • fully automated sample throughput of 1-96 samples
    • simple and reproducible
    • optimal user guidance

    The system consists of:

    HISTO SPOT® HLA AB-Kits for Class I and Class II

    Contain test wells with immobilized HLA Class I or Class II antigens for the detection of specific anti-HLA antibodies and controls, as well as an optimized sample dilution buffer.

    HISTO SPOT® AB reagent kit

    Contains the reagents required for incubation and detection of bound antibodies and can be used in combination with all HISTO SPOT® HLA AB kits.


    MR.SPOT® Processor

    Is specifically designed to be used with the HISTO SPOT® kits in order to process between 1 and 96 samples, automating the process from incubation to detection through to photograph the results.


    HISTO MATCH HLA AB evaluation module

    Simple and reliable screening and/or identification of HLA antibodies to interpret the results.

    Dr. Kristin Launhardt
    Head of Product Management
    Product Manager HLA Diagnostics
    +49 6404 925-223
    Kristin Launhardt, Head of Product Management
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    HLA antibody identification and monitoring has never been easier with so much flexibility! HISTO SPOT® HLA AB is the fully automated complete system that really optimises your workflow - from pipetting to analysis.

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