SARS-CoV-2 Differentiation Kit
SARS-CoV-2 differentiation kit
ViroQ® SC2 Variant

Fast detection of variants? With our clever real-time ViroQ® SC2 Variant 1 / ViroQ® SC2 Variant 2 kit you can react quickly to variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus of origin. In contrast to gene-seqeuncing, which takes about 30 hours, both real-time PCR tests deliver results on the most important mutants in only 60 minutes.

  • Efficient: pre-selection of positive samples increases qualitative output in sequencing
  • Fast: resource-saving 60 minutes PCR versus 30 hours sequencing
  • Effective: only samples with variants are sequenced
  • Safe: easy handling, ready-to-use standard reagents

The PCR kit uses four colours compatible with most common real-time cyclers.

ATTENTION: By combining ViroQ® SC2 Variant 1 and Variant 2, you can obtain an indication of the new SARS-CoV-2 Omicron / B.1.1.529 variant!

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  • ViroQ® SC2 Variant 1 RUO
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  • ViroQ® SC2 Variant 2 RUO
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  • We have geared our testing entirely to your needs: Simple and fast! Get results in just over 60 minutes with our ready-to-use standard reagents. The one-step PCR run (incl. reverse transcription) in the real-time cycler delivers rapid results.

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    Detect variants securely in just one PCR run!

    Several mutations of the SARS-CoV-2 corona virus that have already been identified will have unforeseeable consequences in the pandemic. Genetic changes in the spike protein are suspected to lead to a higher risk of infection, different courses of the disease, and resistance to vaccines.

    Therefore, internationally stated goals are

    • to identify deviations from the original virus and
    • individuals infected with the variants

    as quickly as possible. To assist in this process, we have developed the ViroQ® SC2 Variant 1 and ViroQ® SC2 Variant 2 Kits. In contrast to gene-sequencing, which takes about 30 hours, the new real-time PCR assay provides results on the most important variants in only 60 minutes.

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    • Rapid detection of variants – foci of infection can be quickly contained
    • pre-selection of positive samples increases qualitative output in sequencing
    • resource-saving 60 minutes PCR versus 30 hours sequencing
    • only samples with variants are sequenced
    • safe handling, ready-to-use reagents
    • low logistics costs – transport at room temperature

    These variants are reliably detected:

    Thanks to screening with ViroQ® SC2 Variant 1 and ViroQ® SC2 Variant 2, laboratories can now perform gene sequencing much more effectively. Depending on the objective of the analysis, only the required samples are used. For example, if the aim is to investigate whether and how B.1.1.7 is evolving, only samples of the required variants can be sequenced.

    Both Kits also include a confirmatory test for the original SARS-CoV-2 variant (Wuhan).

    ViroQ® SC Variant 1

    WHO Label Pango lineage
    Alpha B.1.1.7
    Beta B.1.351
    Gamma P.1
    Zeta P.2

    ViroQ® SC Variant 2

    WHO Label Pango lineage
    Alpha B.1.1.7
    Delta B.1.617.2
    Epsilon B.1.427 / B.1.429
    Eta B.1.525
    Kappa B.1.617.1

    One-step real-time PCR

    Our test kits are designed for the specific detection of point mutations (SNPs) of the different mutation variants (see chart above) from throat/nose swabs. In our test kits, the RNA is converted to cDNA in a one-step PCR procedure. This cDNA is amplified in the same real-time PCR protocol.

    The kit consists of the following components:

    1. tube Mastermix: transcription + amplification
    2. tube Reconstitution buffer for lyophilized mastermix
    3.+4. tube Primer-probe mixture
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    Unlike gene sequencing, which takes about 30 hours, ViroQ® SC2 Variant 1 and 2 detects the best-known variants in just a 60-minute PCR run. Patients infected with it can thus be identified and informed very quickly to prevent spread.

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    Responsibility conceived in economic terms

    Whether you do your own sequencing or only test collected swabs for the virus with PCR, we all have a responsibility to use the necessary resources (hardware, software, personnel) in the best possible way to face the global pandemic. Therefore, an economically viable model is needed that is working for the laboratories as well.

    Whether and to which amount the costs for sequencing and / or screening are covered depends on the respective regulations of the ministries of health of the individual countries.

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