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Human genetics real-time PCR

FastQ® RHD fetal (RUO) real-rime PCR

For targeted rhesus prophylaxis!

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FastQ RhD fetal - for sensible rhesus prophylaxis

Fetal rhesus typing

FastQ® RHD fetal (RUO)

Rhesus prophylaxis in a new light!

The prenatal determination of the fetal rhesus factor has been included as a health insurance benefit in Germany since July 1, 2021. For expectant mothers, this paves the way for targeted rhesus prophylaxis. Until now, all Rhesus D-negative pregnant women were usually advised to undergo treatment with expensive and difficult to obtain anti-D immunoglobulins. However, in nearly 40% of cases, this is not necessary because the fetus is also Rhesus D negative.

Thanks to our new FastQ® RHD fetal (RUO) kit, targeted anti-D prophylaxis is possible by using modern, molecular and non-invasive fetal diagnostics via real-time PCR typing. If a Rhesus D-positive child is expected, only a blood sample from the pregnant woman is required for the prenatal test (9-10 ml EDTA blood).* Testing may be carried out from the 11th week of pregnancy at the earliest in single-child pregnancies.

The prerequisite for a reliable analysis of the fetal Rhesus D trait is a sufficient amount of fetal cell-free DNA (cff DNA). Since it is possible that there is not enough cff DNA in the blood at the 11th week of pregnancy, a second test must be performed from the 20th week of pregnancy if the first result is negative. This is because the concentration of cff DNA increases during the course of pregnancy. This second test can also be billed as a health insurance benefit.

Due to the high number of variant RhD alleles, there are RhD variants in which individual exons may be missing. For this reason, 3 exons of the RHD gene are examined by real-time PCR analysis. By detecting the three exons 5, 7 and 10, the probability of a false negative result is extremely minimized.

* In Germany specialized genetic counseling is required for the analysis, as it is a genetic examination of a genetic trait in the unborn child.

"Why FastQ® RHD fetal? With our real-time PCR kits you can reliably type the Rhesus D status of the fetus. Unlike other tests, the kit types possible mutations on 3 genes instead of just one. This allows safe and targeted administration of hard-to-find anti-D immunoglobulins."

Perfected workflow for fast results

Thanks to ready-to-use reagents, real-time PCR provides you with fast, valid results. A sufficient amount of cff DNA is required for typing the fetal RhD trait. In only one PCR run, the three exons 5, 7 and 10 are typed.

After pipetting, the pure PCR run takes about 105 minutes. The evaluation is carried out via the device software.

  • efficient - thanks to our FastQ® RHD fetal kits, targeted rhesus prophylaxis is possible
  • flexible - the liquid format is compatible with different thermal cyclers
  • for the sake of health - no gels and no toxic waste

Precision and flexibility

Reduce hands-on time to a minimum and generate clear results with our kits. We are happy to help you validate new real-time systems.

Through optimized multiplexing and the use of Taqman® probes, we maximize the precision and safety of the FastQ® product line. For reliable results, an internal amplification control is included in every PCR kit.


The PCR kit uses various fluorophores that are compatible with most common real-time cyclers. We have performed testing on the following instruments, among others:

  • QuantStudio 6 (Thermo Fischer Scientific)
  • CFX 96TM (Bio-Rad)
  • Lightcycler® 480 (Roche)

The evaluation is performed using the hardware manufacturer's software.

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