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Human genetics real-time PCR

Determine disease associations simply and clearly with FastQ® 

- this clever system offers a DNA or direct from blood solution!


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FastQ B*27 direct - the fast diagnostics

Human genetics real-time PCR

FastQ® product line

One product line - many possibilities!

Our new FastQ® product line is designed to give you the choice of using DNA or blood samples according to your needs. These kits offer a high quality solution for disease association typing. Both versions take advantage of real-time technology and multiplexing for fast and reliable typing:

Amplification Disease Test-kits
Amplification from DNA M. Bechterew et al.
Coeliac disease
FastQ® B*27
FastQ® CD
FastQ® HFE +++ Coming soon! +++
Amplification from whole blood M. Bechterew et al.
Coeliac disease
FastQ® B*27 direct
FastQ® CD direct +++ Coming soon +++
FastQ® HFE direct +++ Coming soon! +++

Blood Booster for reproducible results directly from blood

The FastQ® Direct product line incorporates our new Blood Booster reagent, this ensures reliable and highly reproducible results even with difficult blood samples (e.g. high EDTA concentration) - supporting data can be found here.

With the Blood Booster, blood samples can be diluted and pipetted directly! It saves a lot of time, work and expensive material.

The FastQ® direct kits offer your laboratory important advantages:

  • fast: no time-consuming pre-treatment of the blood sample 
  • cost-saving: expensive DNA isolation is not necessary
  • safe: reduced risk of cross-contamination

„Why should we choose FastQ® direct? With these kits you can use diluted blood samples immediately. No special pre-treatment is necessary. You avoid a lot of environmentally harmful waste."

Fast and valid results

Through optimized multiplexing and the use of Taqman® probes we maximize the precision and safety of the FastQ® product line. For reliable results, an internal amplification control is included in each PCR reaction. Minimize your hands-on time with our kits and generate clear results really fast.

We would be pleased to validate our kits on your real-time instrument.

  • flexible - the liquid format is compatible with various real time cyclers
  • compatible - use the same PCR program for all FastQ® kits or rather FastQ® direct kits
  • efficient - use the diluted blood immediately with our FastQ® direct kits
  • safe handling - ready-to-use reagents

Simple workflow

Our ready-to-use reagents and the real-time PCR method provide you a simple solution. If you use our FastQ® direct kits, you can dilute your blood sample with DNAse free water (1:50) and pipette the pre mix directly. Special preparation e.g. time-consuming heating of the sample is not necessary.

The PCR run takes about 60 minutes when you using isolated DNA and about 90 minutes when you using a sample direct from blood.


The PCR kit uses different fluorophores that are compatible with most common real-time cyclers. We have performed tests on the following devices: 

  • QuantStudio 6 (Thermo Fischer Scientific)
  • CFX 96TM (Bio wheel)
  • Lightcycler® 480 (Roche)

The evaluation is done by the software of the hardware manufacturer.

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