Our focal points in diagnostics:

Transplantation medicine: Comparing HLA attributes between the patient and recipient is the most important preparatory step in transplantation. BAG Diagnostics offers a wide range of diagnostic procedures for HLA diagnostics. Matched to your individual laboratory requirements, you can choose between serological and molecular genetic methods or between HLA typing and HLA antibody analysis. They can be applied flexibly for low test counts or automated high throughput rates.

Transfusion medicine: Determining the blood group antigens of donors and recipients is of decisive importance for safe blood transfusions. BAG Diagnostics offers numerous testing options and aids for serological and molecular genetic blood group diagnostics.

HLA disease associations: Many autoimmune diseases or hypersensitivity reactions of the immune system are related to certain HLA alleles. The determination of these associated alleles may help a lot in the diagnosis and choice of the best therapy for the patient. BAG Diagnostics offers a set of tests designed especially for this purpose.

Our product fields in diagnostics: