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Transplantation diagnostics

In our laboratories we develop and produce test systems and reagents for the immunological typing of organ and blood donors for the international market.

Transfusion diagnostics

We develop state-of-the-art in vitro diagnostics to make your daily laboratory work more comfortable. Together we make an important contribution to the safety of medical care.


Our BAG reagents and systems for in-vitro diagnostics are therefore well established in hospital laboratories, blood donation services, specialist medical laboratories and among laboratory physicians.

Main focus and product ranges in diagnostics

Transplantation medicine

The comparison of the HLA markers between patient and recipient is the most important pre-transplant step. We offer a wide range of HLA diagnostic tools. Depending on individual laboratory requirements, you can choose between serological and molecular genetic methods or HLA typing and HLA antibody diagnostics. These are optimized for both low test numbers and automated high throughput.

Transfusion medicine

The determination of blood group antigens from donors and recipients is essential for safe blood transfusion. BAG Diagnostics offers a wide range of test systems, determination methods and aids for serological and molecular genetic blood group diagnostics. With our proven products, adverse transfusion reactions of the immune system during blood transfusions can be avoided.

Human genetics

In more than 40 diseases, such as autoimmune diseases or hypersensitivity reactions of the immune system, there is an association with certain HLA alleles. These can indicate a predisposition to disease. Carriers of characteristics are exposed to a higher specific risk of disease. The determination of these associated HLA alleles may be helpful in differential diagnosis and selection of the best therapy. BAG Diagnostics offers tailor-made tests for this purpose.

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