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Real time PCR evaluation

PlexTyper® Software - automated interpretation with patient and sample management!
Intuitive and flexible

PlexTyper Software

PlexTyper® Software - Real time PCR evaluation

Rapid user-friendly interpretation software

Interpreting complex real-time PCR data correctly can be a challenging and time consuming task. At BAG Diagnostics we have developed the PlexTyper® software to simplify analysis and interpretation of our real-time products, enabling rapid and accurate genotype interpretation.

PlexTyper® provides reliable, rapid and accuarte genotyping results with minimal effort. Editing and interpretation of the results can be done easily and intuitively with various tools in the software.

The software is used for user-friendly analysis of:

In combination with the HISTO TYPE Rainbow Kit, all 11 HLA loci can be genotyped quickly and easily. The software interprets real-time data and provides genotype interpretation for user review and accurate documentation of results.

PlexTyper® software enables you to evaluate and report ERY Q® blood grouping data and interpret genotype results using common notations (e.g. ISBT nomenclature or serological notation).

The following functions are available:

  • Automatic real time PCR interpretation
  • Accurate genotype results for user review
  • Analyse HLA data at differenet CWD levels of resolution
  • Easy review & results editing
  • User-defined evaluation reports
  • Different user rights for data protection
  • Patient and sample management
  • Clearly structured reports

The PlexTyper® Software can be used as follows:

HISTO TYPE Rainbow - HLA real time typing

With our combination of the PlexTyper® software and the HISTO TYPE Rainbow kit, you have found the perfect solution for fast genotyping and intuitive evaluation of all 11 HLA loci.

ERY Q® - Bloodgroup real time typing

The PlexTyper® software in combination with our ERY Q® Kit helps you to display and document the results of your molecular genetic blood group typing in all common notations.

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