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Interpreting real-time PCR data correctly is a challenge and one of the most demanding tasks in everyday lab work. Therefore, we have developed PlexTyper® - a free software for you that is matching our real-time products! It enables the automatic analysis of your results and a simple interpretation.

PlexTyper® provides you with reliable and comprehensive typing results with minimal effort. With the help of the corresponding integrated tools, you can edit and interpret your evaluation easily and intuitively.

The software provides a user-friendly evaluation of:

  • HLA real-time PCR typing with HISTO TYPE Rainbow
    In combination with the HISTO TYPE Rainbow Kit, the most importantl 11 HLA loci can be typed quickly and easily. The software not only supports you in the interpretation, but also facilitates the correct documentation of results.

  • Blood group real-time PCR typing with ERY Q®
    PlexTyper® software allows you to display and document ERY Q® results in all common notations (e.g. ISBT nomenclature or serological notation).

  • Typing of disease associations with FastQ®
    Typing of disease associations made easy: Evaluate the results from typing with our FastQ® kits easily and conveniently with the PlexTyper® software.

PlexTyper® software can be used for the following products:

HISTO TYPE Rainbow –
HLA real-time typing

PlexTyper® software – in combination with our real-time kit HISTO TYPE Rainbow – offers you an optimal solution for rapid typing and intuitive evaluation of 11 HLA loci.

ERY Q® – blood groups
real-time typing

PlexTyper® software – in combination with our ERY Q® kit – helps you to visualise and document the results of your molecular genetic blood group typing in all common notations.

FastQ® Linie –
real-time PCR

You will also be able to evaluate our FastQ® Line kits for typing disease associations conveniently and easily with our PlexTyper® software.

If complicated things become simple

Just when things get challenging, we want to provide you with ideas on how to make your daily lab routine a little easier again. This is how the idea for our PlexTyper® software came about. For more comfort and safety in the evaluation of your real-time PCR results.

Do you have ideas on how we can make our PlexTyper® software even better? I look forward to your suggestions!

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Product Manager
Blood Group Diagnostics
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Junior Product Manager
Transplantation Diagnostics
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