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MR.SPOT® Platform

Automation – adapted to your requirements

For more relaxed typing

MR.SPOT® is the convincing solution for your standardised and automated processes! It guarantees high precision and fast results for small volumes and high throughput.

Time-saving, our MR.SPOT® Processor performs the entire assay from amplicon to result. Fully automated washing and pipetting make the plug-and-play device very easy to use. For your process documentation, MR.SPOT® automatically records all results with an integrated camera and transfers the image to the HISTO MATCH software for convenient evaluation.

Do you need sample tracking and complete process control? MR.SPOT® 2.0 enables barcode capture for all components and liquid level measurement. For DNA isolation and PCR setup, commercially available systems can be incorporated into the workflow.

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  • one platform for many different typings
  • fully automated solution
  • suitable for high and low throughput
  • simplified workflow with step-by-step instructions
  • user-friendly HISTO MATCH evaluation software

So much flexibility

When we developed our platform, we applied your standards. That's why you now have maximum flexibility in terms of sample throughput. You can process between 1 and 96 tests in one run, with up to three runs per day. Easily combine genetic HLA tests for the different Loci as needed.

Simplified workflow

Our user-friendly MR.SPOT® guides you through the entire workflow with detailed step-by-step instructions on the touch screen. The system is easy to use, you don't need extensive training.

Flexible automation system for your applications

  • Genetic HLA typing (A, B, C, DR, DQ, DP)
  • HLA antibody diagnostics with recombinant single antigens (class I and class II)

All components of the platform support you in your daily workflow:

  • MR.SPOT® with its user interface
  • software with its clear structure
  • reagents with their ready-to-use format

These products can be tested with MR.SPOT®:

Features MR.SPOT® Processor MR.SPOT® 2.0 Processor
Usability X X
Applications HISTO SPOT SSO
Flexibility 1-96 tests per run X X
Automation from amplification to the result X X
Sample tracking X
Temperature control in the reaction plate during the entire assay X
Checking the correct buffer volumes X

Impressive technology

A simple workflow. Reliable technology that makes your daily work a lot easier and safer. These are the ambitious objectives we set ourselves when we developed our MR.SPOT® platform. Have we also met your requirements?

I am looking forward to your feedback! If you have any further ideas on how our system could support you even more efficiently, please feel free to contact me.

Benedikt Hampen
Product Manager
HLA Diagnostics & Infectiology
+49 6404 925-412
+49 1517 2833148
Benedikt Hampen, Product Manager

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