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„WE LIVE TO EXCITE“ is the essence of our brand and value understanding. Your wishes are heard by us! We are therefore wholeheartedly committed to satisfying your expectations and gladly exceeding them as well. To do this, we are committed to perform extraordinary feats.

We work on the WOW effect: From the order to the test result, we settle for nothing less than your enthusiasm!

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As individual companies, we are exceptional. As a group, we are unbeatable!

What unites us is a common spirit - we all focus on your success from the very beginning. Our actions are oriented towards your needs. This attitude is something like our DNA, the blueprint according to which the entire group of companies functions. Our daily drive is the demand you place on us and the trust you place in us.

We have always worked in partnership and with full commitment for your interests. We would like you to measure us by this.


  • at home in the world, at heart in Lich
  • independent and self-sufficient
  • full of commitment and ideas
  • modern and tradition-conscious
  • your partner in medical care for 70 years

Since 1947 - your partner in the service of medicine

Best test systems and reagents that always deliver the highest quality for your diagnostics. For some this may be a challenge, for us it is a mission. One that we are happy to accept. That's why, since 1947, we have been in the service of medicine with you - the medical professionals and laboratory and clinical staff. Together, we ensure that people with impaired organ function, genetic disposition or transfusion needs are given the best possible starting conditions for their recovery/therapy. To this end, we develop a wide range of in vitro diagnostics. With their help, we facilitate and accelerate your serological and molecular genetic diagnoses.

Experts at the cutting edge

Our innovations are never an end in themselves but the result of intensive dialogs with you, our customers and partners. Your individual requirements are our inspiration. They let us develop excellent typing kits and fully automated evaluation systems. Benefit from our wide range of serological and molecular genetic methods for human genetics, HLA typing, HLA antibody diagnostics and transfusion diagnostics.

We face new tasks with enthusiasm and courage: In a very short time we reacted to the pandemic threat of SARS-CoV-2 and developed the first real-time PCR kit our ViroQ® line to market maturity in only 39 days and are continuously expanding it.

What challenge can we solve for you?


Transplantation diagnostics

Serological and molecular genetic methods or HLA typing and HLA antibody diagnostics? We have the perfect solution for low test numbers and automated high throughput.


Transfusion diagnostics

Avoid adverse transfusion reactions of the immune system during blood transfusions? We inspire with our reliable serological and molecular genetic test kits for your safe diagnostics.


Human genetic

Customised tests for the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases or hypersensitivity reactions? Products for targeted rhesus prophylaxis? Here you will find innovative kits for typing DNA or blood samples.



Corona virus of origin, variants or influenza? For your reliable diagnosis of viral diseases, we have developed our excellent real-time PCR ViroQ® line. Identify dangerous infections quickly to prevent spread.

If an analytical mind with a lot of experience meets empathy and passion, this leads to outstanding results. Let us inspire you with our solutions.

75 years in the name of health

2022 will be a very special year for all of us: BAG is celebrating its 75th birthday! You, our customers and partners, have played a major part in this success.

In the course of our joint dialogue, we have produced real innovations. Test systems that help to make life more worth living or that even save lives. Thanks to your impulses, our motivated team has succeeded in developing excellent typing kits and fully automated evaluation systems. It is our deepest wish that these make your daily work a lot more comfortable and safe.

Celebrate this success with us
- to the next 75 years!

Dr. Nicolas Sachsenberg
Managing Director and Owner of the BAG Group

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