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HLA SSO typing

HISTO SPOT® SSO - The convenient way of HLA typing! 
fully automated SSO method

BAG Diagnostics - our HLA SSO typing products

HLA SSO typing

HISTO SPOT® SSO System - convenient and reliable HLA typing

For every application the optimal solution - choose the most suitable combination of HISTO SPOT® kits for your requirements regarding resolution and throughput:

  • HISTO SPOT® 4D Kits
    An automated and cost effective solution for high throughput and low to medium resolution.
  • HISTO SPOT® Xtend Kits
    Flexible high resolution typing with supplement tests for the HISTO SPOT 4D kits - a good alternative to high resolution SSP!These kits enable an unambiuous differentiation of the common alleles from the CWD2.0.0 catalogue.
  • HISTO SPOT® On Call Typingkit
    Combi strips for on-call typing with pre-dried primers and a simplified workflow in the HISTO MATCH software.
Your advantages
  • fully automated complete solution for HLA SSO typing
  • suitable for high and low throughput
  • individual HISTO SPOT® Kits - combine the optimal solution for each application
  • simple, user-friendly evaluation software

Gene-specific typing kits

Reagent kit for MR.SPOT

The way it works
Evaluation platform and software
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