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FAQ - Frequently asked questions about ViroQ SARS-CoV-2

We answer your questions about ViroQ SARS-CoV-2 and many other related topics.
We are also looking forward to answering exciting questions that have not yet been addressed to us.


How many tests can be performed with one test kit?

There is one kit size for 100 tests and one for 500 tests.

Can the test be used into automated workflows?

The larger hospitals have automated PCR analysis lines. We have taken this into account in the development.

Since the typical automated liquid handling systems (ALH) are very flexible regarding the vials, the kit should be applicable on most common ALH or integrated automated PCR assay setups such as QiaSymphony and Hologic.

The test should be able to be performed with all RNA isolation kits. We tested the kit with the isolation kits from Qiagen and Sigma-Aldrich.

Which other materials are needed to process samples if any, and is any additional equipment required?

The test runs on common real-time cyclers. Only RNA isolation kits are required.

  • RT-PCR reaction tubes with caps or foils

  • DEPC H2O / Aqua dest. / WFI (Ampuwa®)

  • Piston pipettes (0,5 – 1000 μl) and tips
Do the tests need to be cooled for transport and storage?

No cooling is required for transport. Therefore, significantly lower logistics costs can be expected.

For permanent storage we recommend a control temperature of - 20 degrees Celsius.

Is there a software or excel macro required to do the analysis?

There is no need for a software, the labs do an excel based data analysis based on CT values.

Which type of samples can be used for test (throat swab, finger prick, blood)?

So far, we tested nasopharyngeal swabs at BAG and in customer labs.

Blood and stool samples have a higher risk of PCR failure due to "common inhibitors" and usually lower virus titres and are, therefore, not recommended.

What certification standard does the rapid test comply with?

The test is CE IVD certified.

Is a short-term delivery possible?

We have an extensive stock. In addition, thanks to short lead times, we can also realize larger orders in about 3 to 4 weeks.

Is there also a test that can be used directly on site?

As an alternative to our real-time PCR test, you can use our SARS-CoV-2 antigen rapid test. By taking a nasal swab (which should always be prepared by qualified personnel), a result can be read quickly and easily on site within 15 minutes.
Important: Depending on the time of the swab, a negative result does not completely exclude an infection. However, a positive result indicates an infection and should be verified by PCR testing. As access control to vulnerable groups of people and in areas with many contact points, the rapid test is therefore an ideal indicator.

Are rapid antibody tests also available?

Currently, we have focused on the detection of COVID-19, as it is detectable immediately after infection. This allows us to very quickly localize infected persons as carriers of the virus. Antibodies are built at the earliest from the second week of infection. Therefore, these tests are not effective in the first, highly infectious phase of the disease.

However, we are working with partners on a rapid antibody test. This is intended to identify recovered patients reliably. The same applies to the estimated number of untested persons who have produced antibodies with only minor symptoms or without findings and are therefore immunized.

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