Bio-Rad CFX real-time PCR Systems

Reliable and powerful PCR amplification systems.

Fast and valid typing results for transfusion and transplantation medicine as well as in human genetics – that is the goal of our real-time PCR kits. To achieve this, we rely on powerful and flexible systems for 5-colour multiplexing, advanced optical technology and precise temperature control.

Our kits offer solutions for the following applications:

  • Genotyping
  • Basic research
  • Viral diagnostics

Safety, speed, flexibility and ease-of-use are essential attributes in this context – which is where Bio-Rad's real-time PCR systems combined with our test kits come in. Together, we create an integrated, efficient workflow for an optimised workflow.


Hardware, software, test kits and consumables – in one value package!

Hardware, software, test kits and supplies – perfectly synchronized and from a single source – and, last but not least, at a top pricing. That is our service. Included is an individual briefing and installation of all settings of the systems.

Separate time-consuming calibration and color compensation is no longer necessary with these instruments. Obligatory maintenance at regular intervals is also not required.

Available components are:

  • Bio-Rad CFX real-time PCR detection systems
  • real-time PCR kits for transfusion- and transplantation diagnostics, infectious diseases and human genetics (HISTO TYPE Rainbow, ERY Q® Line, ViroQ® Line, FastQ® Line)
  • user-friendly evaluation software (PlexTyper®)

Bio-Rad solutions
Available Systems

Product Item No.
OPUS 384 DX 726331
CFX Opus DX 726330
CFX Opus 96 real-time PCR instrument 726318
CFX Opus 384 real-time PCR instrument 726319

Advantages of our qPCR products

We combine various PCR innovations to develop safe, efficient and user-friendly diagnostic products.

Icon Benefit Box
  • powerful due to 5 colour multiplexing
  • reliable results due to optimized PCR kinetics and sophisticated software
  • low DNA concentrations sufficient for analysis
  • short analysis times
  • simple setup
  • real-time monitoring
  • no toxic gels and no other toxic waste
  • user-friendly software solutions for interpretation

Attractive offer?

Do you still have questions about our package offer? We would be happy to make your decision easier!

I will be pleased to give you more detailed information on the model combinations, kits and services. Just write to us or call me directly.

Kira Kirchgessner
Product Manager
Blood Group Diagnostics
+49 6404 925-318
+49 170 9509943
Kira Kirchgessner, Product Manager

Product demo free of charge

Make an appointment for a free product demo including Bio-Rad real-time cycler!

  • Transplantation Diagnostics
  • Transfusion Diagnostics
  • Human Genetics
  • Infectiology
HISTO TYPE Rainbow - HLA real-time PCT typing


the innovative way of HLA-typing

This system allows you to type all 11 HLA alleles together on one 96 well PCR plate – with automated interpretation in the PlexTyper® software. Highly sophisticated 5 colour multiplex typing with different fluorophores makes this possible. The kit gives low to medium resolution results and common Null alleles are differentiated.

The results are available in less than 80 minutes.

ERY Q® Kits

fast and pinpoint blood group typing

With ERY Q® you have the possibility to type even serologically difficult samples clearly and quickly on a molecular genetic basis in less than 70 minutes!

Analyse up to 12 individual samples or determine all blood group systems for one person in one run only. Type ABO, ABO variant, RH, Weak D, Partial D, KKD/MNS, HNA, HPA simultaneously in less than 96 reactions.

FastQ Real-Time PCR - Human Genetics

FastQ® product line

determine disease associations
from DNA or directly from blood

The flexible FastQ® product line offers a high quality solution for disease association typing. It's designed to give you the choice of using DNA or blood samples.

Amplification from DNA:

  • FastQ® B*27 / M. Bechterew et al.
  • FastQ® CD / Coeliac disease

Amplification from whole blood:

  • FastQ® B*27 direct / M. Bechterew et al.

With these FastQ® direct kits you can use diluted blood samples immediately. No special pre-treatment is necessary.

ViroQ® Kits

the reliable rapid PCR tests for SARS-CoV-2

Against the massive spread of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, our reliable rapid tests helps to locate infected persons safely. This is the way to prevent the unchecked spread of the virus.

ViroQ® Rapid SARS-Cov-2

Valid results in less than 60 minutes. The test checks whether there is sufficient sample material in the swabs. False negative results – due to insufficient samples – are thus avoided.

ViroQ® SC2 Variant 1 and Variant 2

The kits detect a large number of variants in less than 60 minutes. This allows infected persons to be identified and informed very quickly in order to prevent the spread of dangerous virus variants.


Detect SARS-CoV-2, Influenza A / B and RSV in the collected samples in only one PCR run.

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