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Blood group SSP typing

BAGene SSP - reliable molecular blood group typing!
robust and flexible

BAG Diagnostics - our blood group SSP typing solutions

SSP blood group typing

BAGene SSP - increase safety in blood group diagnostic

The PCR-SSP technique in the blood group diagnostic field is the method of choice for a low amount of samples and/or for confirmation tests. By means of sequence specific primers (SSP) only determined sequences in the examined gene are amplified highlighting different mutations in the gene sequence. The resulting amplicons are then visualized by gel electrophoresis. The BAGene kits include a validated and IvD CE certified Taq Polymerase to improve your results.

Complement your blood grouping strategy with BAGene SSP when serological typing comes to its limits.

Your advantages
  • reliable - CE / IVD certified Taq Polymerase
  • easy handling - ready to use pre-aliquoted reaction mixes
  • unambiguous results through typing at molecular level
  • fast and safe - finished SSP mixes
The way it works
downloads of this product group
SV-IFU-HappyTaq-V4-2019.pdf 147.77 KB2021-01-04
DE_IFU-BAGene-V15-2020.pdf 254.34 KB2020-11-04
SV-IFU-BAGene-V15-2020.pdf 334.86 KB2021-01-04
Declaration Happy Taq 2019-05 312.09 KB2020-09-17
CYCLER CHECK V10/2019 284.36 KB2020-09-17
Happy Taq V4/2019 182.62 KB2020-09-17
Happy Taq V4/2019 182.62 KB2020-09-17
BAGene Kits V14/2019 393.46 KB2020-09-17
BAGene Kits V14/2019 332.72 KB2020-09-17
BAGene Kits V14/2019 457.88 KB2020-09-17
BAGene Kits V14/2019 345.90 KB2020-09-17
BAGene Kits V14/2019 343.05 KB2020-09-17
CYCLER CHECK V10/2019 359.10 KB2020-11-13
Wipetest V10/2020 160.84 KB2020-09-17
EN_IFU-BAGene-V15-2020.pdf 249.75 KB2020-11-09

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