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Test Sera and Reagents

Wide range of polyclonal and monoclonal test reagents for blood grouping wanted? Benefit from our experience! Let us convince you of our wide product range.

Our well tested test sera and reagents stand for a smooth workflow in your laboratory and a safe typing.

Convenient: comprehensive range from a single supplier, including rare blood group sera and reagents
Safe: well tested portfolio
Fast: easy handling thanks to ready-to-use reagents

simple and safe
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Anti-A, B, AB mono V5/2019 182.63 KB2021-11-29
Anti-D mono saline V2/2019 164.70 KB2021-11-29
BAG-Elutions-Kit V5/2019 182.33 KB2021-11-29
Anti-A1 Lectin V2/2019 146.93 KB2021-11-29
Rh Control V2/2019 147.62 KB2021-11-29
Alsever Solution V1/2019 106.70 KB2021-11-29
Anti-A1_Lectin_V006_2021 230.74 KB2021-11-29
Anti-Lea, Leb mono V3/2019 162.64 KB2021-11-29
Anti-H mono V3/2019 204.05 KB2021-11-29
Anti-Cw human V2/2019 157.79 KB2021-11-29
Bromelin liquid V2/2019 104.51 KB2021-11-29
MSDS Anti-Cw 2019-05 204.39 KB2021-11-29
MSDS Anti-c-E-mono 2019-05 127.17 KB2021-11-29
MSDS Bromelin 2020-07 47.99 KB2021-11-29
MSDS Anti-c-E-mono-2019-05 204.51 KB2021-11-29
MSDS Anti-A1-2019-09 52.83 KB2021-11-29
MSDS Anti-A1 2019-09 51.63 KB2021-11-29
MSDS Anti-D-D-Blend 2019-05 127.22 KB2021-11-29
MSDS Alsever 2019-05 47.41 KB2021-11-29
MSDS Alsever 2019-05 44.01 KB2021-11-29
MSDS Anti-Cw 2019-05 127.41 KB2021-11-29

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Blood Group Reagents and Elution Kit

Tests with proven and ready-to-use reagents for the reliable determination of blood groups.

Trust in our elution reagents

  • dissociation of bound antibodies for further identification
  • detection of weak antigens on erythrocytes
  • detection of antibodies for patients with AIHA


  • Dissociation of bound antibodies at erythrocytes after positive DAT
  • Erythrocytes can be used for antigen determination afterwards
Icon Benefit Box
  • wide range of products from a single supplier
  • fast and easy – ready-to-use-reagents
  • simple and safe handling
Kira Kirchgessner
Product Manager
Blood Group Diagnostics
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+49 170 9509943
Kira Kirchgessner, Product Manager
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We offer you a comprehensive range of ready-to-use test sera and reagents for safe blood group diagnostics. The kits convince with a proven workflow and reliable results.

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