by Kerstin Probst

Real-time PCR in human genetics

Thanks to ready-to-use reagents and precise real-time PCR, disease associations can be typed quickly with the new FastQ® and FastQ® direct line. All FastQ® test kits are available for both DNA and blood samples as starting material. For reliable results, an internal amplification control is included in each PCR kit.

Results are available from the PCR run in as little as approximately 60 minutes when using DNA and approximately 90 minutes when using blood samples.

Reproducible results directly from blood - even with difficult samples?

In addition to the variable use of DNA and blood, the FastQ® direct line works with a specially developed Blood Booster reagent. This allows blood samples to be simply diluted and pipetted directly without pretreatment, saving time and material. Even with difficult blood samples (e.g. high EDTA concentration), the Blood Booster in FastQ® achieves reproducible and, above all, reliable results.

The following diseases can be detected using FastQ® kits:

  • M. Bekhterev et al.
  • Celiac disease
  • Hemochromatosis

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